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A Packet of Salt

HD Video / PAL / Color / Sound / 7 minutes 26 seconds
in Chinese with English and Chinese subtitles / 2013

Salt—a necessity for everyone—is often ignored by most people. It is frequently overlooked, as a part of the whole meal, an element to which people don’t give much thought. It is hidden behind the food, hidden within it. It has trouble attracting our attention, and it wouldn’t be counted amongst the spiritual necessities of mankind. Only occasionally when salt runs out, do people say: “Oh, it’s time to buy some salt.” Then we find "A Packet of Salt." The process of making and transporting the salt, the producers, people and factory either have something or nothing to do with it. Under the bleaching rays of the sun, in the silence of the lens, people slowly approach and pass by the camera, without saying a word.