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A cart of coal

HD Video / PAL / Color / Sound / 10 min 52 sec /
in Chinese with English and Chinese subtitles / 2014

In my childhood’s memory, there always came a heavy rain in the afternoon of midsummer. After the rains, I delivered meals to my sister who worked in the coal mine. Every time I went by the pithead, the miners always liked to tease me with jests for a while. And once the coals were pulled up, they left for work with laughters.

Few years ago, my sister told me that our home town in Hunan province developed pretty well. Quite a few courageous people made a fortune by raising money to operate small size coal mines. Later on, I’ve heard that these small coal mines had accidents frequently and most of them got closed down in the end. Those ones that remain usually have powerful backers and paid a lot for their survivals.

The miners mostly have worked there for decades and their lives are almost all about the coal mines. Most of them are in their late fifties and could work few more years if there’s no accident happens. Afterwards, they will have to rely on their children who work in the urban areas.