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A bar of Chocolate

HD Video / PAL / Color / Sound / 8 minutes 21 seconds /
in English with English and Chinese subtitles / 2014

At first when faced with a foreign environment, people have considerable plasticity and adaptability where the environment tempers them over time. Seeing their daily living conditions slowly changing, the individual within the body becomes tormented and weak. In a situation of huge cultural differences, this process can become long and depressing. In Chinese there is a phrase, “When the bitterness ends the sweetness begins,” which is very close to this process, perhaps the equivalent in the West would be “The Sun always shines after the rain.”

In regards to chocolate, we are familiar with its flavor and there is no way to deny its existence. Because it’s sweet and fragrant, it makes people happy and excited. It can counter feelings of frustration and depression. We most often think of chocolate as a gift. It is well known to bring a warm feeling to our friends who receive it as a gift. Actually most people don't realize that chocolate originated in Central and South America and was first called “xocolatl” meaning bitter water.