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A Wedding Photo

HD Video / PAL / Color / Sound / 4 minutes 37 seconds /
in Chinese with English and Chinese subtitles / 2014

A small and quaint fishing village called Guanhu is located in southern China. Standing on the beach in front of the village, one with good eyesight, would be able to see Hong Kong on the other side on a good day.

A friend came to visit from Guangzhou and we took a walk on the beach late at night. Lights flickered afar on the sea. I said, “On the other side of the sea is perhaps Hong Kong.” When we went to the beach in the afternoon of the following day, it was crowded with people taking wedding photos. My friends said, “The lights last night were perhaps those ‘boats.’” 

Having stayed in Guanhu for two weeks, I learned that these “boats” have been here for many years, and there is much less sand on the beach than there once was—a problem related to the “boats.”