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A King Crab

HD Video / PAL / Color / Sound / 8 minutes 24 seconds /
in Norway with English and Chinese subtitles / 2014

The phrase “A Crab and a Butterfly,” comes from a pattern from the medal owned by Roman Emperor Augustus. It symbolizes the Latin motto “Festina Lente” meaning “more haste, less speed” which pertains that the characteristics that a ruler should posses.1

Kirkenes is a small town located in northern Norway, within the Arctic Circle. Near the Russian border, it was once one of the most sensitive strategic positions between NATO and the Soviet Union during the Cold War period. Even today there are many traces left behind, including military bases.

About two hours by car from Kirkenes is Bugøynes. Up until the 1980s it was a small fishing village, but when the fish stocks dwindled, they became so desperate that they thought of “selling their village,” but they were saved by the king crab, which brought a new source of income.

But the possibility of the opening of the Northwest Passage will make the village a trading center in the future, but it will bring with it issues of pollution and sustainable development.

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