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Assembly Line Projects - City of the Unknown

Material: Steel dust, paint, metal parts, components
Size: 435 cm x 435 cmx30cm
Year: 2015

All of the materials in this work have been collected from the floors of Systence Electronics, cast-offs and by-products destined for the landfill, but bearing the essence of their life in the factory. They have been arranged on a platform to form a landscape of remainders. Like something from another planet, this assembly of parts produces a magnificent scene, or is it perhaps it is more akin to the ruins or wreckage of production. Lined up in orderly phalanxes like troops, these parts are in a similar state as they were when they came off the assembly line. Possessing a stark simplicity, their assembly denies any attempt at figurative recognition with the function and economic value of the items remaining steadfastly unclear. They bear the standard aesthetic imprint or style of the assembly line, but their value is renegotiated, recast in terms of their new function or use. But later after they have been used, they become part of a new inventory—a symbol of a post-industrial landscape.